I am a software design engineer in test working on a top-secret new area of Windows Live Messenger. A couple of months ago, I was working as a developer on the Eclipse User Interface team. My love of Chatting and Blogs led me to MSN 🙂 I was born and raised in Algeria, and have also lived in France and Canada. I fluently speak Arabic, French and English. During my College days, I somehow ended up in Blacksburg, Virginia to attend Virginia Tech! I met a lot of interesting people (Michael Vick included!), played lots of tennis for the Hokies, traveled, did the Computer Science thing and graduated with Bachelors and Masters Degrees. I love sports, TV (too much reality TV), FOOODDD and sleep!



Hello!  I’m a platform developer on Windows Live Messenger – this usually has me working on longer term, across WL projects.  Recently I’ve been working on some rather focused, spiffy prototypes – stay tuned…  While I’m originally from Tamil Nadu India, I’m really a displaced Bangalorean staying in Redmond WA.  Like most other ‘softies I’m a technology and tool nut.  In my spare time I’m either messing with my cars (but not quite as much as Dan), playing with power tools & wood, or tweaking my media center/home theater.



I was born and raised in sweet sweet Colorado. After some As, Bs, and SATs, Providence (the city) led me to computer science. Now I live in big house in Seattle with four other fun young people I met on the internet. Weird, right? I am a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Voice and Video features for Windows Live Messenger. I love to snowboard, play ultimate frisbee, and eat watermelon till my stomach hurts (seeds and all). True Story!




I’m a Boston native who transplanted to Seattle 15 years ago when I came here to work for Microsoft. The rush today is the same as it was when I started, seeing everyday people use your product and say how cool it is. I love the northwest and can never get home fast enough when traveling. Currently my day job has me driving the next great release of Messenger, but in my off hours – which there are fewer all the time – I’m an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer. It seems to be the only place I don’t get email.





I’m from Duncan, BC, Canada home of the world’s largest hockey stick.   I completed a Computer Science degree at the University of Victoria and then I headed south to Redmond to work at Microsoft.  I started out in the Passport team where I met my husband Jeff. I’m now a Program Manager on the Windows Live Messenger team focusing on the Conversation Window.  I am also an MBA student at the University of Washington, Go Huskies! I enjoy playing solitaire showdown with my sister, swing dancing, watching Tivo, reading, sailing, playing racquetball and… sometimes I sleep!




Paul – no longer with us

I’m a developer on Windows Live Messenger, and before that I was a developer for threedegrees. I’m the guy to blame for the winks feature (love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion!) and now I’m working on sharing features. As a native San Diegan, even after 2 years of living up in Washington, I’m convinced I’ll never quite get used to having Real Weather – I love sun, so the best time of year for me is summer when there’s still light at 10pm. Among my lesser known talents, I used to be a beach lifeguard, EMT, and Red Cross first aid instructor.


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