Posted by Ines.


How many times have you wanted:

  • To just quickly send your high resolution photos from your recent vacation to your friend?
  • A single place where you and a friend can work on your project documents and presentations simultaneously?
  • Your best friend to help you edit the perfect letter and video to get on MTV’s Made?

Most of us learned how to share in kindergarten – but the creators of the internet must have been absent from school that day, because for something so common, sharing files is one of the hardest things to do.  Today, you have a couple of choices.  You can use e-mail or FTP, but both take up too much time and require too much work to even be considered “quick”. Often times, you just want to have something as simple as one folder for each friend with whom you want to share with.  From that very simple idea, the Sharing Folders feature was born!

Sharing Folders is an exciting new feature coming to you soon in Windows Live Messenger 8 that I have the privilege of working on. I better not say anymore, but with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of FolderShare, there is only more to come in Windows Live that will finally simplify the problems of accessing information anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices.