Posted by Leah


Back in the day I posted about the World’s Best App Contest (MSN Messenger Activity API). Well, yesterday Todd sent out a little update in email:


Since the contest began we’ve had about a dozen entries submitted – all in the last ten days. I took a look at the list and tried to and guess what each of the apps did before following the link. You’ll see my guesses below, and as YOU can guess, I was way off on all of them.



  • Scissor Stone Paper – You have to build something cool, using only these supplies. It’s like the first version of Sim City.
  •  Tank warsdomesticated goldfish stage an underwater coup. 
  • Memory with Numbers you’re a sweet-talker who travels from bar to bar scoring digits.  The catch? You have no pen. You win the game by reaching the pay phone at the end of the night and successfully calling up the most hotties. 
  •  Flip It! – You’re an angry Boston driver. Use your middle finger to get you where you need to go
  •  Memory – test your memory by sending a birthday card to all of your extended family on the correct day
  •    Buzzword Bingo – Spell out words like TTYL, IMHO, and IDEKWISA to win great prizes! 
  •  Chingo – Ok..i have no idea, just tell me. 
  •  Hangman – match up characters of different heights with different length ropes – win by effectively hanging the most characters.  



  •  Sudoku – Ok, stumped again.
  •  Translator for IM – A program that helps you figure out what the f*!#@ your friends are saying when they type fun phrases like TTYL, IMHO, and IDEKWISA.
  •  Cards Exchange – get connected in the business world by sending your e-business card to your contacts. Potentially get a date out of it too.
  •    Virtual Earth Mapping – A sequel to the less-engaging Virtual Mars Mapping. That one always showed pictures of hot red rock no matter what address you put in.


If you’ve made it to the end of this post, then you deserve to know one other interesting fact (from Scott):


We are offering Beta invitations to the 1st five people who submit activity apps to the contest between now and Monday morning.