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Since the colorization post we have gotten a question or two about what the default Windows Live Messenger Beta color will be; drum roll please…. Orange!


I know what you are wondering – why would they select orange? Well you are not alone; Messenger team members asked the same thing when we made the decision. Below is the FAQ explaining the orange decision that was sent to the team with some added >>commentary:



From: Nicole

To: The Messenger Team

Subject: Why Orange?


The Windows Live Messenger Beta client is going to have an orange look (creamsicle-lized). I have been asked several questions about this so I have created this FAQ*.


If you have other questions\comments\feedback please send them my way.

>> Blog readers just post any thoughts you have


Are we making Messenger orange to keep Dave on the team? Yes!


Did it work?  No L

>> Around the time this decision was made Dave, one of our excellent devs, announced that he was leaving to travel the world. Dave is orange obsessed.  


What is wrong with Blue?  Nothing.


Exactly what shade of orange will be used? Not quite sure how to explain that in words. You can check out the color palette here.

>> Check out the screen shot below.



I don’t like orange. Can we keep it blue? No. However we will continue to support colorization to suit everyone’s tastes.


Colorization, what is that? For a good time, open a conversation window and click the paint brush icon in the top right area.


Why is this question in blue when it is about orange? Just for fun!


Why Orange?

  • Messenger will match the Microsoft cups and parking passes once and for all!

>> The parking passes are no longer orange but the cups are check out the picture below!


No, seriously Why Orange?

  • Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.  
  • Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity.
  • Blue slows down your metabolism. Every hour of WLM client use over previous clients, will have users burning an extra 1.3 calories and sending an extra 2.23 IMs*
  • Orange has very high visibility so it can be used to catch attention.
  • Young people highly accept orange!

Wow, I didn’t know how interesting colors can be. Can I find out more?




*note: all numerical data are SWAGs by Nicole. However all the other qualitative properties of orange are true (or at least the top MSN Search result said so)