Posted by Ines.


I am not much of a gamer, but with the excitement around campus surrounding the Xbox 360 release; it’s a bit hard not “jump into” the topic. It all started when I ventured out to Best Buy in Bellevue (an electronics store near Microsoft campus) on a Sunday evening to do some shopping, and realized that a line of about 100 people had formed in front of the store: All of them waiting for the mere 200 Xboxes available that Monday evening! If you work on the Microsoft Campus and hadn’t heard about the Xbox 360 release, you must’ve lived in a hole : The Red West (MSN) campus waterfalls turned green (I wish I had taken pictures of this), the shuttles displayed some colorful Xbox advertisements, the buildings were filled with Xbox posters and almost everyone at work was discussing their plans on how to get their hands on an Xbox . The greatest misconception that people have is that Microsoft employees could somehow get an Xbox ahead of everyone else, and even obtain discounts. Not quite!

Anyways, the reason for all the Xbox talk is to give you a brief snapshot of the Xbox and Windows Live Messenger integration. You may have noticed that the Xbox tab in Messenger has now been updated with some cool Xbox 360 content: upcoming games, features and videos, and friends list. Unfortunately, I do not own an Xbox or an Xbox Live account to try out the tab fully. If you are one of the lucky few who managed to get your hands on an Xbox 360, you can visit the Xbox website and sign up for a “My Xbox” account with your passport account. Next time you sign in to Messenger, navigate to your Xbox tab and you will be able to see your friends on Xbox Live, and find out which ones are online and what games they are playing.


The possibilities are endless for further collaboration between Messenger and Xbox. What kind of collaboration would you like to see between the two products?