posted by Nicole


Windows Live Local was released today and it rocks! I have always dreamt about using a teleporter and being transported to where ever I wanted to go in a blink of an eye. We are getting closer to my dream; in a click of a mouse you can be checking out the Statue of Liberty one second and then the Space Needle the next.


I have prepared a little tour around the Redmond, WA for us to take together, I hope you enjoy it.


Pre tour announcements:

  • No in-flight beverages or snacks will be provided
  • In case you get lost, please use Locate Me here

Click 1: Meet at Microsoft, RedWest D, home of the Messenger team! 


Click 2: Let’s all pile into my car! Remember to buckle up.


Click 3: Check out Grasslawn Park, home field for TigerPit, my softball team


Click 4: Now we will head on over to Microsoft Campus. Here we can see the Ultimate, Soccer, Cricket, Softball Fields.


Click 5:  Now we zoom over to downtown Redmond for a movie. I would like to see King Kong, what about you?


Click 6: Drinks anyone? We are now at my favorite brew pub – Redhook.


Click 7: Now we will play a round of golf, mini golf that is! Watch out for the first hole it is very tricky


Click 8: Oops, we need gas! Here is the closest gas station


Click 9: Man I am tried. Last stop the gym, not to work out but to relax in the sauna.



If Redmond, WA is a little too small town USA for your taste check out a US Highlights trip or check out Niagara Falls.


Or better yet make your own trip of your favorite spots and share it out to the world!