posted by Nicole


Now that Windows Live Messenger is out there who knows if people even have time to read this blog anymore – I am guessing our readers our spending a lot of time with the new Messenger or spending a lot of time to try to find a invite!


Invites: Xbox 360 is not the only thing is short supply this holiday season. So like Xbox, WL Messenger Beta invites are appearing on Ebay. If you must get an invite and you don’t mind spending some money on it check out the auctions here. The Messenger team has a pool going to guess what the highest selling point will be.

Beta Chat: Last night we had a chat with our “Butterflies”, extra special Beta testers who are critically important to our success. Hmm.. What should the Butterflies be called now? It was a blast, I just wish I could have typed faster and answered more questions. If you have a questions that wasn’t answered shot me a mail nicolet_ms @ Just note – I am going on vacation so replies maybe a bit slow.


Feedback: Please keep the feedback coming. Official feedback challenges:

  • ·         Connect – for Butterflies only. If you don’t know what this means go to the next one.
  • ·         Click Help –> Send Feedback in the client. Please fill out the survey it will impact our decisions!
  • ·         Windows Live Feedback Site. This is a great place to rant about something you don’t like or rave about something you do. We have neato technology that sorts and compiles the feedback so we know what is the most important to our users.


Well that is it for this post. Have fun this holiday season and if you need to laugh check out Leah and I whooping it up Karaoke style at our work holiday party.