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Addendum: As of today (jan 24th) Comptuer-to-Phone Calling is now available in Germany. If you have a German passport, sign out, and sign back into WL Messenger. You will see various entry points to start a call from menus and buttons. Go forth, Germany, start calling people!


Here are two little pieces of news from this week, and neither have anything to do with Google or AOL (you can find that everywhere else)


UK Tries out Computer-to-Phone Calling

As of this week, Windows Live Messenger users in the UK can now call any telephone through messager at cheap rates (2.3 cents a minute to most places)  If you have a UK passport, all you have to do to set it up is…nothing! Just sign in to Messenger and you can access the feature through the “Call” button on a conversation window (or actions->call->call a new number). This feature is now available in the UK & US, and we’re looking forward to adding more markets very soon.


Oh! by the way – the first hour of calling is free when you sign up.


Bill & Melinda make up two thirds of Time Magazine’s People of the Year

The article doesn’t even mention what Bill has done for the world by bringing it Windows Live Mesenger. Regardless, we’re all really proud of these two. At the company meeting this year, the biggest applause wasn’t for Vista, or the new Office, or Xbox (Windows Live was still a secret then). It came when the vice president of HR announced that for every hour that an MS employee volunteered in the community, Microsoft would donate $17.00 to the organization. That felt pretty great to hear. Oh, Bono – you’re cool too.