In the beta chat we had with you this past Monday, one question we got asked was whether we were planning on adding any new emoticons to WLM. Not to disappoint  you all, but as far as I know, we’re not adding any more for this release. It did make me remember  a little story about the last emoticon we added:
You might not even know that you had a  emoticon. There are a number of "hidden" emoticons in Messenger that don’t show up anywhere, but if you know their magic key sequence, they work. is one of them. (Secret tip:  You can get the  by typing "(nah)" where you’d normally type a smiley – without the quotation marks, of course. Sorry, I’m not giving any other hidden ones away!)
Why did we add ? Honest answer: charity.  Every year Microsoft has a giving campaign among its employees, and one of the events we do to raise money is a charity auction. In one auction, whoever donated the most money got to pick the next emoticon we added. The winner was a team effort: Hotmail, now known as Windows Live Mail, bought it. They chose to add a goat – I don’t really know why, but from what I understand, it’s an inside joke at that team.
More importantly, raised about $1500 for charity.  
Microsoft matches most employee’s charitable contributions, so the total amount that went to charity was actually closer to $3000.  
 What emoticons would you like to see added to WLM? Send us an email with your bright ideas! (Expressed in the form of a 19×19 pixel image – animations okay.) We can’t promise that we’re going to add any of them now or in a later release, but we’ll pick the top 3 (as judged by us, the Messenger Bloggers) and post them for everyone to see in a later blog entry.