(For those not yet using the Windows Live Beta…)

MSN Messenger 7.5.322 now available for English, French, and Spanish speaking users running MSN Messenger on XP.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John W., and I’m a Test Engineer in MSN. I need your help to help try out fixes in the latest update to v7.5. Nothing beats real-world verification. Except maybe pie. Mmm. Pie.

Rough Outline of Some Fixes in 7.5.322

·   Some of you had trouble signing in to v7.5.311, we made some updates so that won’t happen as often, and when it does, you will see more descriptive messages explaining the problem.

·  Also, we like to keep track of the errors you see when you have problems so we can fix them. We had a bug in our reporting system that is now fixed.

·  People using a an IME (input Method Editor) with a Korean passport, were seeing an extra character after typing the shortcut for emoticons. Seriously, what’s more important in IMing than emoticons? We had to fix this. If you’ve got contacts in Korea, or know Korean yourself, give it a try!

·  People saw MSN Messenger crash after running the setup for voice and video, selecting certain USB devices, and then unplugging one of those devices. No more!

The Plan
If you or someone you know has been having any of these problems. Tell them to download! (links in header above) Check back here to find out when more languages are available.