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Happy New Year! (yeah I know it was over a week ago)


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Festivus, Hanukah, Boxing Day, New Years, and whatever else you celebrated. (I only listed the ones I celebrated this year).


Now let’s talk nicknames…..


What do Lucy and Cookie have in common?  Each was a nickname for me (no laughing allowed, note the was!)

  • Lucy – from my mom, she is a big I Love Lucy fan. She loves Lucy and she loves me!
  • Cookie – from my sister, when we were very young. Just imagine the funny babysitter stories around that name

What do MSN and Messenger – have in common? Each is a nickname for MSN Messenger

  • MSN
    • In Canada: “What’s your MSN, eh?”, “See ya on MSN, eh”
    • In France: « on se parle sur MSN ».
    • In Spain it is also MSN but for a different reason, MSN = MeSseNger
    • In Mexico: "Te veo en MSN"
    • Globally MSN is used the most often as a nickname, I think MSN once was an abbreviation for Microsoft Network, but I couldn’t find it used anywhere anymore!
  • Messenger
    • In the halls of Microsoft: “Why are you not signed into Messenger?”
    • In Japan: “Let’s do Messenger”, “What is your Messenger ID?”, (of course in Japanese and not English). Also the term IM – is not used in Japan

There have been questions and comments about what the nicknames for Windows Live Messenger will be. I will share some of my personal thoughts BUT I can’t answer the question. Instead the users of Windows Live Messenger will answer that question over time; yep that means you.  People develop nicknames for other people or things they care about; nicknames (at least the good ones) are not decided by the owner!


My take on some Windows Live Messenger nickname possibilities:

  • WLM – Doesn’t flow nicely, lots of syllables – double-you-elle-em, plus it could be confused with Windows Live Mail.
  • WLMe – Not a fan of this one either but you can distinguish it from Windows Live Mail (WLMa)
  • Double Me – To get this you need to know the nickname for the University of Washington (my school!), which is UW pronounced You-Dub, WLMe -> Dub-L-Me, which become Double Me – I think this one it too complicated.  
  • Messenger – An oldie but a goodie and users in Japan would have no need to change!
  • Nicole IM – yeah it’s a long shot
  • Live –  Short, sweet, and easy to say. “See you on Live” (is cool, sort of sounds like see you online), “What’s your Live?” is a bit awkward – “What’s your Live ID?” makes more sense to me.

If you have other ideas or thoughts on the above please post it!


In old news….

I enjoyed reading this comparision of IM Clients on PC World.  It ranked MSN Messenger v7.5 higher than the rest of the clients reviewed. No surprise here