We have posted before about the WorldsBestApp Contest for Messenger. Some new games and applications have just been posted.
But the reason for this post: Messenger Quest. It is soo fun!
True Story
Last night my husband beat Bowser in Super Mario World (he hasn’t been able to find an Xbox 360 yet either, hang in there) and I was watching the credits roll by thinking "I would like my name in a video game credit — that is very unlikely to happen. Ah – that is where the name Yoshi came from" 
TiVo forward 5 minutes…. I am checking out some of the new Messenger applications and to my surprise along with my fellow Messenger Bloggers I was included in the story line of the Messenger Quest game… even better

The End

To the makers of Messenger Quest and all contest particpants – my opinion has no impact on the contest results!
Something to comment about: What are your favorite WorldsBestApp Apps? (there are a ton of great ones out there)