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Addendum: *This post now applies to Windows Live Beta users and MSN Messenger users*




If you could have anything for your birthday what would it be?

 A new car?

 A pony?

 A wooden stake signed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself?


For my birthday, I wanted a way to play music on my computer and then invite my buddies to listen with me on his/her computer.


How awesome would it be if both of us in a conversation could share one playlist, to which we could add or remove tracks, skip to the next song, or reshuffle? It’d be like we are at the same dance party, except we could actually dance because no one would be there to make fun of us!…Unless we add webcam of course


So…today I turned twenty-four  (you don’t have to say “happy birthday”…unless you want to ) My presents so far include:

  flowers from my brother

 – a red-hooded sweatshirt from a friend who knows I love red-hooded sweatshirts

 – and….

MUSIC MIX in Messenger!


How To Use It:

  1. Open a conversation window
  2. Hit “activities”
  3. Select the second one down: Music Mix
  4. When the play list opens, add tracks to it and jam away…together!


  • Remember – you’re sharing a play list. If you fastforward, skip, or stop a song, your buddy will hear the same thing you do.
  • Songs are not actually transferred to your buddy, only a compressed version is temporarily cached on their computer while you mix.  
  • Playlist file formats are wma, mp3, & wav
  • Music Mix holds up to 25 songs at a time, each a max of 20MB in size. You must delete songs to add more
  • Album art info is shown at the top of the activity window only in the US, but obscure songs can sometimes show the wrong album art.
  •  the Search button only shows up for songs added by your buddy, clicking it will take you to an MSN Music search for your song


  • Currently only available in the US, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK.
  • Requires WMP 10, which is available for Windows XP and up.
  • Now available on Windows Live Beta & MSN Messenger

*Props to the MSN Technologies China: Messenger Group for helping get this out the door. More props to members of the old Three Degrees for dreaming this up so long ago!*