Posted by Ines.


Here are a few very cool announcements from the past couple of weeks:

  • PC World Review

If you are feeling sad because you are still running 7.5 instead of the latest Beta, cheer up a little, because according to PC World, you are using the highest ranked free Instant Messaging package.”  

PC World’s review states that MSN Messenger is a hot commodity . Here are a few encouraging and notable quotes form the review:

  1. “Microsoft’s free MSN Messenger hits the sweet spot”
  2. “Call quality was superb–the best experience of any IM application we’ve recently tested. Our voices sounded crystal clear, without any detectable echo or choppiness. In fact, we completely forgot that we were talking over the Internet.”
  3. “If you’re looking for an IM application that can handle both recreational and work needs, MSN Messenger gives you slick tools to do the job”

I know, I know, enough self promotion already! Moving on to the next piece of news…

  • Microsoft Urge

If you were paying attention to the CES conference that ended last week, you may have noticed the announcement of “Urge”, an integrated MTV music experience . Why should you care about Urge?

    1. Windows Vista integration with MTV, VH1, and CMT will rock!
    2. Justin Timberlake helped introduce the partnership at the conference. And to quickly address the critics, not quite as hip as Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, or U2… But it’s a great start!
    3. Wirth artists and celebrities Blogging and increasing their presence on the web, it will be interesting to see what MTV can do to re-invent online music, especially since they are the creators of the modern music video.

What else do you see in the future of Instant Messenger when you cross Messaging and Music? For example, what about having Bots that upon receiving a song’s lyrics, start playing it back to you as a voice clip? Again, there are no crazy ideas!