Posted by Marty

Some of our beta users have noticed a recent flurry of new invitations as well as some Friends and Family invitations arriving to those already participating in the Windows Live Messenger Beta program. Want to know why? Windows Live Messenger Beta has several new service improvements that change the way the client talks to our servers. One of the motivations for limiting the number of early beta testers is to grow the scale of users slowly to ensure the new architecture is safe to deploy for all 180 million+ users. We hit our first target level for number of users last week and have now increased to the next target level.  In order to get there we’re giving out more invitations to both new users and to our existing beta users to bring more people on board.

Hey, I want to run the beta version of Windows Live Messenger, how can I get an invite?  

Huh, that’s weird. I’ve never heard that before – not!  Well leave it to our trusty beta group to provide a new Beta Signup method. Finally! Now you can formally ask to be part of the Windows Live Messenger Beta program! Just go to and click Sign Up under Windows Live Messenger beta. Fill in your Hotmail address, select your country and you’ll be added to the list for an upcoming round of invites.  I’m not sure what the turnaround time will be, but I do know this is the FASTEST way to get an invitation.

For those of you already in the beta, we have a dedicated team reviewing all the feedback and have included a significant number your suggestions for the next release. So THANK YOU to everyone who has provided feedback for the team to continue to drive quality up in the next Messenger release.

Speaking of the next release… While I can’t give you an exact date of when it’s coming out, I can tell you we are targeting multiple releases per year to keep the code fresh, provide quicker turn around with innovative new features and continue to improve the quality.

So thanks again to everyone running the Windows Live Messenger Beta. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.