Posted by Daniel


Jan 25, 2006***

A few days ago we asked for your help if you were getting error 80048883. Thanks to all the users who responded, and thanks to our help team, we now have the solutions. They’re a little long, but they work. We’ll make sure the next version doesn’t have the same problems.


Get the Solution Here.


If this solution *doesn’t* work for you, go here if you’re an MSN users, and go here if you’re a Windows Live user.


Jan 23, 2006***

Addendum: Thanks to everyone who has responded. Our HELP team now has enough users working with them to figure out the cause of this problem. When they come up with a general solution to the problem, I’ll post it back here.  


Jan 19, 2006***

We are trying to collect additional info from users receiving the 80048883 error code when they try to sign in. If you are using MSN Messenger 7.5 or Windows Live Messenger 8.0 and you get this error please send an email to reachmessengersupprot@htomail . We’ll help you sign in, and you’ll be helping us make Messenger Better.