Posted by Paul.

Just when you thought you knew all the MessengerSays bloggers, it’s time to bring a new developer into the mix! Allow me to be the first to extend a warm welcome to Karthik, another developer on Windows Live Messenger. Here’s what Karthik has to say about himself:


 Hello!  I’m a platform developer on Windows Live Messenger – this usually has me working on longer term, across WL projects.  Recently I’ve been working on some rather focused, spiffy prototypes – stay tuned…  While I’m originally from Tamil Nadu India, I’m really a displaced Bangalorean staying in Redmond WA.  Like most other ‘softies I’m a technology and tool nut.  In my spare time I’m either messing with my cars (but not quite as much as Dan), playing with power tools & wood, or tweaking my media center/home theater


With Karthik’s arrival, I have a somewhat sad announcement to make: you won’t be hearing from me on this blog very often anymore. I’ve switched teams to work on Windows Desktop Search – it’s a pretty normal thing for employees at Microsoft to shuffle about every once in a while, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for my fellow bloggers and coworkers on the Messenger team. They’re putting out an amazing product, and I’ll keep using it just like everyone else here. There’s always a chance I’ll pop back in as a guest blogger, and perhaps sometime in the future you’ll see me posting on the MSN Search Blog!