posted by Leah


Ever seen the show Extreme Makeover? Ugly people become beautiful, and messy houses become palaces. When it’s on TV, you can sit in the comfort of your own home eating your popcorn and pointing your greasy finger at the screen, passing all kids of judgment:


“Holy crap! I didn’t know plastic surgeons could operate on that part of the body.”




“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t raise my goldfish in a house that dirty.”


Well – a few minutes ago, Mike Torres, sent me the magic email. “Go check out my Space.” He says, all casual, like it’s just another blogging day in blogging life of a blogging blogger…


And there I see it. Extreme Makeover: Website Edition. Today, Windows Live Spaces released thier latest version.  I still havn’t finished counting all the reason why that is HOT HOT HOT news.


My personal first impression highlights:


    • No more “Members” in your Space URL. Welcome to 
    • Photo albums: everything about them is better. Better viewing, better navigation, commenting, interaction.
    • Live Contacts Beta: The ability to subscribe to automatic contact updates. When your friend changes his/her address or phone number, your address book will automatically updated. 

Ok – enough from me, go hear it from the horse’s mouth…not that Mike is a horse, and he used his hands & keyboard more than his mouth…oh whatever…just go.