posted by Leah


Spaces are great for getting information out into the world fast. I mean, just wait until you hear what we have to say about bots and new P4 apps in the next couple of days….


Comments on Blogs are great for getting high level feedback, first impressions, feeling the love/hate/emotion from you. Yes, I’m talking to YOU, dear opinionated reader. And for the record – I mean opinionated in the mostly loving way – your opinions are like fuel to our engine, paint to our canvas, sugar to our sugar cookies, broken bits of colored glass (sometimes they hurt, but it’s worth it) to our stained glass window.



Newsgroups are great for longer in-depth discussions. Newsgroups make it easy to keep seperate topics separate, to respond to specific people, to scan through quickly to read the conversations which interest you most. They also help us figure out what topics are most interesting to people


And as of this week, we now have an official Newsgroup. Yay!  Let’s all thank John for setting it up.


If you feel like a discussion is spinning up in the blog comments – I welcome anyone one of you to head over to our new newsgroup, and start a discussion. Leave a comment on this space so people who are interested in the topic know to follow you to the newsgroup.


We’ll have people monitering the newsgroup so all your great suggestions don’t go unheard. Overtime you’ll see more and more WL Messenger team members posting answers to your questions and engaging in discussions.