Posted by Daniel

When I was a kid one of the most fun things to do was to pretend to be someone else and to play pranks on other kids. I’m not going into details, some stories are too embarrassing , I’ll just say that it was great times .

If you are like me and you miss those times or you just want to play pranks on a new level, you’re in luck. We shipped a new Messenger activity called MSN Mimic which gives you the opportunity to pretend to be someone else for fun while you’re carrying on a conversation with your buddies.

To launch MSN Mimic go to Games or Activities menu in the conversation window and select "MSN Mimic". That will open an activity window on the right side of the conversation that looks like this:


In that window you can select the one of the following “personas”:

  • Pirate
  • Pig Latin
  • Backwards
  • Izzle
  • 133t
  • Enlightened One
  • Outback
  • Corporate Babble

After you select the persona that fits you most, type the message you want to send in the edit box and click "Translate". Your message will be translated and copied into the conversation window.

Let’s say I want to invite my buddy for lunch. I type "Hey let’s get some lunch and a beer" and if I’m in a pirate mood the translated text is:

  • Avast let’s get some lunch and a grog

But if my buddy is a Snoop Dogg fan the text would be:

  • Hey lizzle get sizzle lizzle and a bizzle

Then click "Send" and wait for your buddy’s reaction. A video conversation is recommended so you can actually see him/her .

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Update: MSN Mimic is only available in en-us markets.