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When I was driving the v7.0 Beta release over a year ago now (it seems like 5 years ago) I wanted a to provide an easy way to allow team members to get up-to-date information on status.  I thought about writing a bot, so for example if you wanted to get the most up-to-date schedule info you could ask the bot “schedule?”. Although we did have some bot capabilities back then it was beyond my grasp and was apparently not a cheap endeavor. So instead I just sent the team my IM address to ask me questions any time I was online – definitely not a great solution.


I am very excited to say that now anyone can write their own Messenger bot with the help of the Conversagent BuddyScript SDK. Chatting with bots is amusing. I think it is even cooler to interact with them which is possible with the SDK. A couple examples I would love to see:


Tank Wars Bot: Imagine you want to play a tank wars and no one is online, no problem you can play with a bot. Sweet!


Go Hawks Bot: No matter what you say it replies with "Go Hawks Go". Especially fun to send to the poor Steelers fans. My prediction for Sunday: Seattle Wins – 37-28.


Need more ideas? Check out this post.


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You don’t have sweet bot building skills?

Not a problem check out the bots below that you can chat with now. Just add them to your contact list and you can chat and interact!


note: quick links below will only work with MSN Messenger v7.5 and Windows Live Messenger and you will need to add them to your contact list before you can start chatting.





ESP Billy – this bot is soo popular it even has a film featuring it and a space.

Crystal Ball Buddy – this is a very smart bot:

Nicole says (9:18 AM):

      Will the Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

Magic Crystal Ball says (9:18 AM):

       My prognosis looks positive. I think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl.







DJ Bot


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