posted by Leah


If you’re patient, you’ll see how the following list relates to Windows Live Messenger. Otherwise, skip down to Number 1.


10.  You stand up to bullies

9.      You stop at crosswalks

8.      When you see a penny heads-up, sometimes you leave it for someone who needs the luck more than you.

7.      You wear Superman pajamas to bed

6.      You tell your friend when his fly is unzipped

5.      You eat spinach…and like it.

4.      As a kid, you dreamed of being a firefighter. You even lit up your cat a few times to practice.


3.      You wear the pink and purple unicorn sweater your mom knit for your birthday (or when she comes to visit anyway, we’re not talking about the perfect angel gene here)

2.      You’ve died twice saving the world from seven apocalypse attempts all while enduring the social ostracizing that comes from having a name like “Buffy”


And the number 1 indicator that you have the hero gene is…


1.      When anyone has computer problems, they call you for help, and you help them.


Well, we’re here to thank you, you human troubleshooter you. We applaud how you swing your mallet of computer know-how to shatter the walls of naiveté that keep your loved ones from using their computers effectively. 


You probably already know about Activities àRemote Assistance which, with your contact’s consent, allows you to take control of his/her computer and fix a problem.


Now we’re beta-ing another weapon for you to add to your tech-assistance arsenal: Activitesà Windows Live Safety Scanner. This shared activity allows you to help find and remove malware, diagnose performance issues (computer performance only, unfortunatly ;-), and do remote PC tune-ups for a contact’s machine.


This feature is brought to you by the Windows Live Safety Center, and you can read more about here on their blog.