posted by Leah


Dear Windows Live Messenger, 


Will you be my Valentine?? Please check a box….


[_] online……………Yes! Let’s get married and have 10 kids.

[_] busy……………..I’m sorry, I’m seeing someone.

[_] away…………….Depends. What will you give me?

[_] out to lunch……..Valentine’s day was invented by Hallmark.

[_] appear offline…….Ew, as if!

[_] offline…………… You’re not my type, you human, you. 


If you’re having trouble choosing, Perhaps I can try to sway you with some


Or some ?


If that’s not enough, how about a makeover to just about every component you have? In just a few weeks anyone who currently has you running on their computer will get to upgrade to the new & improved you. This makeover is by no means final – you’ll still be Beta  – but you’ll be a betta’ Beta.   And you know i’m not good at coming up with presents – so almost all changes came directly from the feedback from Windows Live Messenger Beta testers. Checkout some examples (NOT FINAL SCREENSHOTS) of what your makeover might include.


· First of all, all your friends told me you wanted your status icons back – so here ya go!


· And because you add so much color to my life, it’s only fair that you have way cool colorization.


· Notice something in those screenshots above? No more jumpy expando-functionality when the mouse hovers over a contact. It was an interesting experiment, but it made everyone dizzy. You’re makeover will get rid of that “feature.”


· It won’t take expensive surgery or a painful laser to remove those unsightly labels on your conversation window buttons.


· Your friends also said they like you best when you’re all cute and compact. So you’re getting this cool scroll button. Now people can get at your features when the conversation window is too narrow to show them all.


· Your “Edit a Contact” Dialogue was confusing people, so your makeover will make it easier to update.



·  And finally – I know how much you like choice. Now its easier to have your Tabs turned on, off, and reordered:



Oh WLM, If I haven’t convinced you to be my Valentine by now, then i guess I better admit defeat




Maybe some other software will have me…OneCare Live, you care right? Live Search, are you searching for a Valentine? Live Male, um, I mean Mail – are you available? If all else fails, I bet Free Cell is free.