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If you are like me Olympic coverage is getting a lot of action on your TiVo.  


the Olympics.


There are so many awe inspiring stories at the Olympics. On the top of my list this year is when Zhang Dan of China took a horrible fall at the start of her pairs skating long program. She recovered quickly. Then went on to skate beautifully with her partner. They still managed to capture the silver medal… brilliant! You can read more about it here.


Personally, I have no hope of achieving an Olympic Gold Medal but there are other ways for us common folk to achieve glory, such as collecting Achievements or Badges in Zuma or playing Q6 through Messenger.


Let’s get some bad news out of the way first: Q6 is currently only available in the US. Other markets are working on it so please stay tuned…


Q6, what is that?

Q6 is a trivia game within Messenger that you can play with up to 5 of your friends to win prizes. You may have already noticed it in your tab list.


How do you play?

Step 0: Install MSN Messenger v7.5 or Windows Live Messenger v8.0

Step 1: Visit the Q6 site to get all the details

Step 2: Add the Q6 Bot to your contact list

Step 3: Chat with the Q6 Bot

Step 4: Start the Q6 activity with the Bot (Under Activities, Q6 Trivia)

Step 5: Register yourself for the game

Step 6: Add yourself to a team or find some friends to join your team

Step 7: Play the game every Thursday 9pm EST (starting next week)

Step 8: Win!

Step 9: Do a victory lap around your room, don’t worry I won’t tell any one 😉


What team are the Messenger Bloggers on?

The Messenger Bloggers unfortunately are not eligible to play since we work all at Microsoft but please tell us about your teams – we will cheer you on