Posted by Marty

Betta’ Beta Begins By Betty!

As mentioned earlier, we are just about ready to refresh the Windows Live Messenger beta.   But it’s more than a refresh, it’s a pretty darn good makeover with new color schemes, your old favorite status icons , no more wacky hover behavior (hey, it’s a beta!),  new and improved sharing folder status bar and activity log ,  improved reliability and greater stability.  But wait – there’s more!    More integration with Windows Live Identity Services (aka Passport). More betta’ Voice quality .  More Anti-Virus integration. More bug fixes including top beta feedback and no more 8GB SimilarityTable file. And of course so much more cool factor.   But getting here  wasn’t easy…


When it rains it POURS!

As we were in the final stages of getting your next beta ready we had a major cold snap here in Redmond. So cold, a piece of HVAC equipment on the roof of our building broke a cooling line and dumped hundreds of gallons of water from the roof into our first floor office spaces early Saturday morning.   Many offices were wrecked, our crack test staff has been displaced and many of our computers were damaged and unusable. Microsoft facilities brought in specialists to dry us out   and clean up the mess. Many testers coming into work Monday morning had no idea what had happened and were shocked  to see yellow tape in the halls, stacks of computers with tape on them saying "dead" or "water damage" and not knowing what to do. The dozen or so industrial blowers created a hurricane effect for those who could work. But we pressed on! We shared office space and equipment with others in undamaged offices, Josh brought in ear plugs because of the noise from the blowers and facilities has been working round the clock  to get our offices repaired. We should be back in them in a few days. And just in time to get back to work on the next update to Windows Live Messenger.


If you already have the beta, the new one will come to you through an automated update real soon now.   If you don’t have the beta, what are you waiting for? Go sign up for it at Ideas.Live.Com.


Now where did I leave my galoshes….