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Yesterday, I pulled up to my  with a giant cup of , rolled up my sleeves, and dug in…


…to the comments you left in response to the  Windows Live Messenger Beta refresh announcement.  While I read, I kept careful record of the most common comments.*


Besides using the information to help deepen our understanding of what you like/don’t like, I also wanted to put together a summary for those of you who don’t have time to read through more than 700 comments. You’ll find the list below.


But first! I want to say one thing: When you are   we are .  Your happiness validates us, our work, and keeps our .  Every single day we ask “What will our users love?” Sometimes we get it right, sometimes wrong. But we’re trying! If you have suggestions for improving messenger, please leave a comment. But here’s a comment-leaving tip: I’ll skip right over comments that are just plain mean or insulting.


So if you want to be heard – play nice!


Ok, drum roll please…A glimpse at what you said about the latest version of Windows Live Messenger Beta:


Most Common Reactions


 The new look is awesome!

 [Leah: Thank you!]


  The new look is a big step backward. Update it!

[Leah: This version is partly a compromise between your favorite aspects of MSN 7.5 and WLM Beta 1. We’ll keep updating till we get something you like]


Most Common Compliments


I Love the improved spacing [Leah: me too I’d like to see more even improvements


I Love sharing [Leah: your mother would be proud!]


I Love Live Contacts.[Leah: better than dead ones, that’s for sure.]


Most Common Critiques


Colorization is too bright/light.

[Leah: In Beta 1, choosing to colorize with dark made the text hard to read. As a temporary solution, we made all colors light. With your strong feedback, we’ve made it a high priority to fix the colorization for the next release]


Everything is too square.

[Leah: better than too circle, or too hexagonal, right? right?]


 Bring back “Sort by Status”

[Leah: I agree. I’ll go request we bring it back.]


I Miss Display Pictures in the main window

[Leah: You can see it if you select "Show Details" from the sort button, but i understand that’s at the cost of seeing all your buddies.]


Most Common Contradictions


          Thanks for bringing back the status icons from 7.5!

          I prefer the status icons from Beta 1 (without the busy/away)

          I want totally new icons – not some combo

[Leah: as I mentioned before, this third comment is the direction we’re headed.]


          Yay! Tabs are back in the main window

          Boo! I liked tabs outside the window

[Leah: I think we have to keep more TABs on feedback here, and TABulate the preferred design]


          ­I miss the expanding behavior in the main window

          I’m so glad the expanding behavior is gone

[Leah: We’re looking at some kind of cool combo for the final. I’ll try to get some screenshots to vote on. If you have any suggestions on how to do this, send them my way]


Most Common Comment On Comments


This is a Beta, people! You don’t have to be so mean to the Messenger team.

[Leah: Thanks to everyone who pointed this out. You’re right –  the Beta should be a collaborative process.]


Most Common Feature Requests


Tabbed conversation windows.

[Leah: I don’t know when we’ll do it, but it’s on the list]


Sharing with more than one person.

[Leah: come on, do you really have more than one friend 😉 just kidding]


 Let me remove my tabs.

[Leah: Ok! ToolsàOptionsàTabs)


Most Common Questions


I can’t upgrade.

[Leah: if you were running 562, try first uninstalling, and then go to If you haven’t had the Beta before now, go to to sign the waitlist]


Why isn’t every feature available in every market?

 [Leah: We often start in English as a pilot, and then expand the markets as we see demand]


Most Common Pleasantry


Thank you, Messenger Team!

[Leah: Thank you, dear user!]



* Comments on all posts are collected by our team and used as input as we decide which features to build. I just don’t always read all of them personally as you guys have so much to say and I have features to help build!