posted by Leah


Windows Live Mail Desktop beta has been announced! Read about it on their blog. It’s not available for download yet, but it’s time to start getting excited.


“Windows Live Mail Desktop beta” may be a mouthful, but it’s a tasty one. (“Mail Desktop” is a nickname I’ve found easier to chew.) On the surface, Mail Desktop need very little explanation: It’s a home for your email.  But that’s actually a pretty limited view.


Mail Desktop is like a super-duper Swiss Army Knife. The ability to send/receive mail is just the sharpest knife. It’s the tool you use most and probably the reason you bought it (if not to impress the other boy scouts). But the real value of a Swiss Army knife is that sometimes a wine bottle needs uncorking, a nail needs filing, or a tin can needs decapitating, and it can do it all. The Swiss Army Knife eliminates the need to stuff your back pocket with a separate cork screw, file, and can opener (how uncomfortable would that be?)


Mail Desktop is built around the fact that you send and receive a lot of email, but it can also be used for other cool related things, so you don’t have to load your computer with ten different programs:

  • Sharing: Create a photo album and send it out to your peeps
  • Getting Information: collect and read your favorite RSS feeds just like email messages
  • Informing: With one-click, post the contents of an email to your blog  
  • Communicating: Full integration with Messenger!


As you can guess – I personally am most excited about that last tool. From within Desktop Mail, I’ll be able to see my whole contact list including status and IM or use any of the features of Windows Live Messenger.


So maybe Windows Live Mail Desktop beta won’t be able to tweeze, screwdrive, or toothpick like a Swiss Army Knife, but hey – this is just a beta.