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Hey there – I’m Jasmine, and I’m a Sharing Folders addict.  (I also happen to be a WLM Program Manager who works on Sharing Folders, but hey, who’s counting?)  Like vampirism, the common cold, and the sweet, sweet smell of fresh-baked cookies, love for Sharing is one of those things that can’t help but spread far and wide.  Plus, sharing stuff with your buddies is good clean fun – just ask this guy.


Hats-off to those of you who’ve been adventurous enough to test out Sharing Folders in our beta.  For those of you who haven’t, there’s still room in the Sharing Folders Club!  We’re all out of decoder rings, but click that “Share files” button in the conversation window and watch the magic happen.


As you can imagine, those of us on the Sharing team know all the ins and outs of this guy by now.  So whip out those Sharpie pens and pull up those sleeves, ‘cuz here’s the official, WLM-endorsed Sharing Folders Cheat-Sheet .

In order of increasing obscurity

  • Drag & drop files into the sharing window & keep the originals intact
    • We wrote some super-special handy code to copy, not move, the stuff you drag and drop into a sharing folder, so you’ll still have those original copies.
  • Drag & drop files onto a buddy in the main window
    • Drag & drop has been in the main window for awhile now, but we decided to take that guy and use him for our own twisted devices.  Now, if you drag & drop files on a sharing buddy, they’ll be added automatically to your sharing folder.
  • Click "Add Files" in the sharing window and multi-select files to share
    • Hated that old file-transfer dialog that made you select files one at a time?  Yeah, we did too.  So here it is, our special Sharing Folders dialog – hold down Shift and multi-select those bad boys:

  • Use the shortcuts under My Computer or My Docs in the ‘Save As…’ dialog
    • Want a shortcut to save a file directly into a sharing folder?  Look no more: In the standard ‘Save As…’ dialog, click My Documents > My Sharing Folders and navigate to the right folder.  (There’s also a shortcut under My Computer if you happen to be a “My Computer” kinda person.)

  • Share files with yourself
    • Hey, have you ever felt a little lonely late at night and thought: ‘Man, I really, really wish I could share files with myself’?   Well, you’re not the only one.  Come to think of it, all you should meet each other.  Until then, try this nifty trick: Set up different Messenger accounts on each of your machines, make them all buddies, and start sharing files among them.  Yes, this may have some weird doppelganger/alternate universe/John Malkovich effect, but hey, at least you shared those files with somebody out there.
  • Sync this baby now!
    • Ok, this one’s really cool.  Have something you absolutely have to share with a buddy asap?  Just open your sharing folder, add the file, and keep the window open.  You’ll see the “Synchronizing” status at the bottom kick in immediately because we prioritize that transfer when you’re looking at it.  Yep, you’re just that awesome!

Got any cool ideas for features we can add to Sharing Folders? Want to tell us how you’re using Sharing Folders to take over the world?  Post a comment!