posted by Nicole

There was talk around the office last week about the article on Messenger being the most used IM Client in the world . Now of course the Messenger Client team could just bask in the glory of the news but really the client team is only one piece of what makes Messenger great. Below is a list partners that are critical to the complete Messenger experience, of course they are in no particular order.
Please go check out their blogs or sites, you can thank them yourself if you like.
Thank you Contacts & Storage – Messenger wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t have any contacts, this team makes it all possible. 
Thank you Games – Solitaire Showdown is my favorite online game of all time. Thank you for making me less productive
Thank you Hotmail — Who could manage without e-mail? not me.  Also if you love OIM, you love Hotmail who helps to make it possible
Thank you Messenger Server — The brains of Messenger. Without the Server Messenger couldn’t do anything. 

Thank you Mobile — No one is stuck to their computer all the time (I hope). Mobile makes it possible for you to use Messenger on the go.  


Thank you Music – Music Makes Music personal Messages Magical. Mmmmm…


Thank you Passport — If you can’t sign in you can’t IM. ’nuff said.


Thank you Search – I would be lost without Search.

Thank you Spaces — Gleams, Blogs, and Photos oh my! Without Spaces Messenger wouldn’t shine (or gleam) so bright.

Thank you Videos – Provides entertainment when no one good is online


Thank you Very Important Partner — I am sure I forgot at least one, I am sorry.


Thank you users! <your link here> — Each one of you makes Messenger better