Posted by Ines.

Have you ever wanted to search and IM with your friends at the same time ? Or even better, drag and drop news results and share them with your buddies while chatting it up? If you have, great news : this functionality is now available through Messenger !


Joseph Yao, a program manager working on the Search Activity, guest posts to explain it all:

What do you share with your friend when you’re chatting?

            Your well-wishing for coming holiday?

            Your album of recent travel in China?

Have you ever tried to share a link with them?


  "Yes, of course. I’m a shopping expert. My friends often ask me where they can buy the most popular fashionable dress. I will search on the web, find it and send the web page link to them."


Aha, then I guess you must have to copy/paste the link and close some browser window after you share it with your friend. Don’t you feel anything inconvenience doing so?


Fortunately, I never need to do so when I want to share such kind of things with my friend. My secret is……


Search in Messenger!


How to use it:

  1. Open a conversation window
  2. Hit "Activities"
  3. Select the top one: Search
  4. Input some keyword, and then Go!


  • It’s a single user activity. Your friend won’t need to accept anything when you want to search.


  • Now available on Windows Live Messenger Beta and MSN Messenger.
  • Currently only available in the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan.

Coming soon:

  • Spell check
  • Image Search
  • More and more available countries