I have heard a lot of questions about the upcoming release of Windows Live Messenger. So I have compiled this FAQ about the upcoming release. Remember FAQ – stands for Frequently Asked Questions… Not answers.
Take the quiz now (it is mostly multiple choice) and come back later to check if you got a
When can I use the next release of Windows Live Messenger?
A. 1 week
B. 2 weeks
C. 5 weeks
D. B & C
E. All of the above
I want to be alerted as soon as it is released. What is the best way to do so?
A. Physic Powers
B. Sign up for Messegner Says Alerts
C. Repeatly clicking refresh button on ideas.live.com
D. E-mail Bill Gates and ask to be notified  — he only gets like 1 million e-mails a day I am sure he will reply to you!
What will the build number of the release be?
A. 888
B. 999
C. 989
D. 898
E. None of the above 
What will the default color of the client be?
A. Red
B. Yellow
C. Blue
E. Green
F. Purple
G. Orange
H. Pink
I. Rainbow
J. None of the above
Did <insert bug here> get fixed?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe so – we did fix a lot of bugs based on your feedback
Where should I send feedback?
A. Tell your mom (and hope that 6 degrees thing works)
B. Yell at your computer
D. E-mail Bill Gates
<insert name of friend> is stil not using Windows Live Messenger. How can I help them?
A. Therapy
B. Nothing – there is no hope
C. Send them to the ideas.live.com they can sign up and download the client right away!
I am a Butterfly tester. Will connect be used for this up coming release?
A. Yes
B. Yes, of course
C. Definately not no
Why is this queston in blue?
A. Nicole loves this question
B. Orange font ran out
C. It is a hint to another question
D. Just for fun
What is your favorite thing about the new release?
I am sooo excited to hear your guesses for this! But please don’t ask for hints – my lips are sealed or zipped shut as the emoticon suggests, ouch.