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 posted by Leah


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Normally, when you sign into messenger, it yells to some cloud in the sky, “Yo! Cloud! What buttons and stuff should this person be seeing?”  And Cloud answers: “Yo! Messenger, show x, y & z.” 


Well, apparently, right now,  we’re yelling at the wrong cloud. “Yo! Cloud! You there?” And Cloud just says, “Dude, I don’t know. Ask the other cloud, maybe he knows.”


You may be noticing the problem in the form of your sharing folder icon gone missing, your beta invitations having vanished, the entry points to the messenger phone feature, a few other buttons here and there might not be where you’re used to seeing them.  

Fear not! Nothing is lost except the entry points – and that is temporary. We’re working now to figure out the problem (to talk to the right cloud) I’ll post back here when the problems fixed.



Problem solved! Messenger found the right cloud.

Messenger: “I missed you, Cloud!”

Cloud: “Aw shucks, Messenger. I missed you too.”

Messenger: “Hug?”

Cloud: “Come here, you.”


To see the results of the happy reunion, sign out of Messenger, exit the application and sign back in. If you don’t see a fixed version, wait about 30/60 minutes and try again. It takes a little while for the fix to reach every country.