Posted by Daniel

Do you want to be a Messenger developer? It’s simple, go to Microsoft Careers and submit your resume. [Update: see this post for details on hiring]

Okay, maybe you are not ready to make this step yet but you still want to develop code for Messenger? No problem, we’ve got that covered.

As of this week, the Messenger Add-ins feature is officially available to developers only. The option to enable add-ins in the Options dialog is disabled but there is a registry key which allows developers to use their skills and build wonderful add-ins. Ken Levy has all the details on his blog and Katie, the add-in dev, has samples and docs on her blog.

The Microsoft hackers who participated at the Window Live Hack Day already know what I’m talking about. And James, the PM who made the add-ins possible also had something to say about it.

Just don’t forget to let us know what you think about add-ins. We appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions.