posted by Leah


What do these ”people” all have in common?



If you said they’re all movie stars, you’d be right (except Rosie the Robot, she never really broke out of television, poor thing). But the answer i’m looking for is "Robots. They’re all robots."


And while we’re talking about robots, check this out: Microsoft is challenging developers worldwide to create conversational robots, or BOTs, for MSN® Messenger and Windows Live™ Messenger. The most original, useful robots collect $40,000 in total prizes.


While The Terminator is one bad *ss robot, he isn’t exactly the kind of BOT we’re talking about. A better example is the Encarta Instant Answers bot.  You can see other examples by signing into messenger, and clicking on the Bot Tab (there’s a little picture of a robot).  


If you’re not a developer- this is still cool news because you either a) now have incentive to learn, and b) can use the robots all those hot developers are building.


If you are a developer, then GO! Compete! Win some portion of the $40,000 and a kiss on the cheek from the cutest guy/girl (you pick) in school! Ok, I can’t guarantee that last part, but how can membership into the Microsoft Invasion of the BOTs winner’s circle not earn you unparalleled popularity?


I mean, seriously?