posted by Leah


Do you know that feeling of excitement when your favorite band announces its making a new album? Do you also know the painful anticipation that follows, while you wait for the album to reach stores?


It’s been a long time since we announced the deal which would allow Windows Live Messenger people and Yahoo! Messenger peope to IM one another. The project was so top secret that many of us (myself included) found out the same day you did. And that day was SO exciting, but next came the wait… I know you’re feeling the pain too, because of the number of times I’ve read something like:


“The Betas are pretty cool, Messenger Team, but WHEN CAN I IM MY YAHOO FRIENDS?”


Well, I wanted to let you know –we haven’t forgotten! As it turns out, it’s been a hard problem to solve, and the team has been working hard,  I still don’t know exactly when you’re going to be able to start adding those Yahoo! Buddies to your WL Messenger, but it can’t be much longer.  Last week I got to check out a fully functional version of WL Messenger which could exchange IMs with a fully functional version of Yahoo!


They’ve still got some work to do – specifically final testing. But soon, Windows Live people will be IMing with Yahoo! people and the world will be that much closer to universal love, peace, and harmony! ….




*Shout out to the guys at Liveside. They heard about this news elsewhere and suggested it for a blog topic. I obviously liked the suggestion.