Posted by Ines.

It’s a wired world and we are all constantly networked . The digital world has made it so easy to chat with anyone instantly around the world . Cell phone numbers, IM names, blogs, and email addresses have become the main way that people know us online. We can instantly share this information when we make new friends online.  However, the reality is, and I know this may come as a shock to some of you , that there still is a physical world out there where we meet and chat with new people .


Imagine sitting at the World Cup in Germany, yelling for your favorite team who just scored a goal , and starting to talk to the person next to you who you realize is just as big of a fan of your team as you are . You’re not online right now, so you can’t just live message your contact information up in the stands. What are you to do?  Well, Windows Live has the solution to your problem; introducing Live Cards! With Live Cards, you can get free windows live themed “social” cards. Just pick a template (I am big fan of the Messenger buddies card ), fill in your contact information and wait for the delivery ! Now you can just pass around your Live Cards at the world cup to share your online identity just as instantly as IM’ing. This is exclusively available in France, Germany and the UK!

Quick Update – Here are the links for the UK and Germany markets:


Continuing with the yet so original World Cup theme of this post (I can’t help it, I am big soccer fan ), the good news is that if you want to share the “soccer fever” with your Messenger buddies and support your favorite team, you can now freely download one of the country soccer winks.


Enjoy the "football" games (I am rooting for France )…