When I was ages 8-13 I wanted to be a movie star. Before that I wanted to be a princess, after that I wanted to be a mathematician. (Weird, huh?) Eventually my tastes changed and I fell love with software. I had no idea there would come a time when two of my passions would link back up – don’t worry – you don’t have to start calling me "your majesty"…yet. 


Checkout the latest video on Channel 9 to see & hear some of the members of the Messenger team on film explain the technical side of Messenger. You’ll get to hear:


·         John & Adam describe the fundamentals of Instant Messaging – how the magic happens.


·         David goes into detail on how Sharing Folders were built, and the power behind the feature


·         Katie explain Addins (a way for average-joe/jane-user to build features into messenger and allow all the other average-joe/jane-users to use them). 


·         Dan & Aarthi give an overview of the technical side of Yahoo! + Windows Live Messenger. 


·         I am there as well to lead the discussion, answer some niner questions, and to realize my childhood dreams of the silver screen.