posted by Marty.

In her weekly “Download This” column, Laura Blackwell of PC World mentions Windows Live Messenger, writing that “MSN Messenger won our IM shootout earlier this year, in competition against six other programs. But Windows Live Messenger one-ups its former self on several counts.” Laura writes favorably of the user interface and her favorite features are the drag and drop file sharing feature, which she says is “dead easy to use,” and the new ways Windows Live Messenger lets you locate and organize your contacts.


Seeing comments like Laura’s really drives home what a great job we did over the last year (and more) listening to our customers and building the hottest IM client on the planet. Seeing industry insiders and pundits draw similar positive conclusions is one reward for our tenacity, drive and execution. But there are others….


Being part of Rock Star: INXS last year was one of the more unusual projects I’ve ever been part of, but in the end it was a fantastic show with phenomenal brand recognition for MSN and MSN Messenger. A couple of weeks ago I was watching the opening act for season two of Rock Star: SuperNova. After the second artist, there’s Brooke Burke all shiny and glittery looking into the camera telling viewers they can vote at or using the Rock Star: SuperNova tab in WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER!


Now that’s brand recognition!


But wait, there’s more! The best part about the Rock Star integration?  It required ZERO work from the product team because of the cool extensibility built into Windows Live Messenger (Tabs SDK in this case).  Except to see more extensibility in our product over the coming years to enable great 3rd party scenarios.


Windows Live Messenger Rocks!