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Here is a very short list of things that are awesome:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Free stuff

Part 1: Birthdays

Recently, I learned that the first version of Messenger shipped on July 22, 1999. I checked my calendar, did a little math, and realized, Hey – Messenger is about to turn seven years old.


Always looking for an excuse to celebrate, I started thinking…


“Let’s throw a birthday party!”


I talked to Kerry, a fellow PM, who asked three super-awesome companies, 3H, Kiwee (American Greetings Interactive)  & Quebles (Mobile Money), if they’d like to help celebrate.  They must have known about the very short list of things that are awesome, because they said “Absolutely.”


Part 2: Free Stuff

All three came through with fantastic FREE “party favors” such as winks, backgrounds, emoticons, and display pictures to celebrate the big day.


To congratulate Messenger for making it to the ripe old age of seven, Kerry and I developed this scheme to try and get as many people as possible spreading the “Happy birthday, Messenger!” message…but we need your help!


1)      Checkout the links below, and download whichever “Happy Birthday!” items you want – they’re ALL FREE – designed just for this occasion.



      Kiwee (American Greetings Interactive)  



      Quebles (Mobile Money) 

2)      Show them off and tell people how to get them too. Share the backgrounds, send the winks, use the emoticons and display pictures. If you’re a blogger – put links to the free stuff on your blog, or trackback to this post.


On the big day, July 22,  I’ll tally up all the people who helped celebrate (by downloading the free stuff).  Let’s shoot for the biggest, baddest, birthday bash ever!




 [update] Thank you, Marc, for leaving a link to this Happy Birthday, Messenger video. Fun!



3H has translated their Messenger Birthday download page into these other languages:

Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Malaysia, US, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Mexico, Latam, Brazil, FR Canada, Germany,Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Swiss FR, Swiss German,Netherlands, Spain, Belgium Fr, Belgium Dutch