posted by Leah

[10\18 Update]: It is clear that some people are still seeing some/all missing contacts – please continue sending issues to support.

Update: To our knowledge, this specific problem appears to be fixed. We fixed the servers and our support calls dropped dramatically. Appologies again for the inconvenience. If you are still seeing this problem, or another one, please use the help link in the file menus to contact support. Thanks!


update: the problem has been identified and we’ve begun fixing it. Basically we just had some servers go down – but as far as we know, no information (your contacts!) is lost. People are working on getting the harware back up and running. Some people may see the everything back to normal already – some people will encounter the problem for a little while longer (i’m hoping hours) but i’ll post back first thing in the morning when I’m told that this particular problem seems to be solved.


A conversation between two random people after reading that:


Windows Live Messenger is currently experiencing technical Difficulties.


Person A: So what kind of technical difficulties are we talking?


Person B:  Apparently, some people are signing in and then are unable to see some/all of their contact list.  And a little notification that says something about  “Due to a connection problem…”


Person A: Oh dear! What should these people do?


Person B:  NOT WORRY. The Messenger team is working hard to fix the problem.  They sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this is causing Messenger customers.  They’re asking that people be patient and check back on the blog for more information. 


Person A: Guess what I heard? Even the Messenger Blogger, Leah, is running into this problem on her computer. So she’s gonna make SURE this gets fixed as fast as possible.  Isn’t that reassuring?


Person B: That is very reassuring.  Will she let us know when there is more information?


Person A:  Absolutely. (She promised me herself)