It is *HOT* in Seattle . When I say hot I mean 100 degrees+ (37 for my fellow Canadians). Now I know this maybe not be a big deal for some people but when you are used to 72 +/- 10 degress it is a big deal. We don’t have air conditioning and work turns off the air conditioning on the weekends so my husband and I got this little kiddie pool to splash around in. Best $8 we have ever spent – so much fun.
Now it was too small to even play the classic Marco Polo game. One person runs around the pool yelling Marco with their eyes closed. Everyone else must yell Polo and the Marco yeller tries to tag someone to take his or her place. Now imagine if you are playing running around with your eyes closing yelling Marco this but no one is yelling Polo… pretty fustrating.
I can imagmine some of you feel that way when you post comments here and we don’t always reply. I have provided a little guide below on the best ways to communicate with the Windows Live Messenger team. 
I can’t sign in! I can’t see my contacts! Help!
You need support – Messenger Support.
Things you can do:
1. Check out the Messenger help pages (In Messenger -> Help -> Help Topics)
2. Check out the Messegner support blog (
Messenger please change\add\remove <fill in the blank>! Feedback!
You need to send us feedback asap.
There is only one thing you need to do:
Fill out the Messenger feedback form (
This blog post makes me laugh, cry, etc. so much that I want to Comment!
If you have comments about a blog post please head on over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.