Posted by Joseph, a Search Activity Program Manager


Have you ever tried Search Activity in Messenger ? After 3 months wait, we bring you a new refresh to this feature.


First, you can search images while chatting with buddy now. Wow!

Not only search, but also you can play with a powerful drag/drop:

To send the image result, please drag/drop it to the message box

To set as your display picture, just drag/drop it to the display picture area

To set as the window background, drag/drop the result to anywhere else


PS: Currently, search images only available in English language country (US, United Kingdom, Australia).


Have you ever complained about why not support IE 7? Now, we support it for you. Customer is always our God.


If you often typo some keywords, our new spell checker feature can help you greatly.


For those who haven’t tried this Search Activity yet, please go to the Blog entry below and try it:!5B410F7FD930829E!13652.entry


Finally, it’s show time for the exciting features in future:

  • Instant Answers
  • Support for 32 more markets
  • User tutorial