posted by Leah

I know you know this, because we’ve been over it before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again: Free is good.

Yay for people around here getting that memo, because once again, free stuff is available for Windows Live Messenger. Over at you can download up to 27 free theme packs created by different artists specifically FOR Windows Live Messenger.


Wanna hear a story? When I first heard we were getting different theme packs from different “artists” I assumed we were talking “musical artists” because that’s how “artist” seems to be used lately. When I visited and read the list of artist names, I panicked:

“Oh Dear! I don’t know any of these people. How did I get so far out of touch with today’s hot musicians!?”  Then I looked closer and realized these were not musical artists at all, but actual graphical artists, which makes a lot more sense when talking about theme packs. At first I sighed with relief.

“Phew. I’m still in touch.” But THEN I freaked out again.

“Oh Dear! I don’t know anything about the pop art scene. I’m SO uncultured.”

So now, I’m going to do a few things:

1) Get some free theme pack goodness.

2) Expand my own awareness of the current visual art scene.

3) Eat breakfast. My belly is grumbling.