posted by Nasa

 Hey Messenger Lovers! If you haven’t noticed already, Windows Live Messenger has a new tab for Windows Live Expo in the US (English only right now)!

You can now:

  • View listing posted by your Messenger contacts
  • See if anyone has sent you messages
  • Create a new posting
  • Search local listing view Windows Live expo posting from their Messenger contacts, and search local listings!

Windows Live Expo is a site that can be used to buy & sell stuff, find jobs, meet people, and more!

I’ve had a lot of success finding great deals and selling some of my old junk treasures. I also like checking out what my buddies are up to, and maybe get a great deal off their used stuff!

Well, check it out and let us know what you think! Or better yet … get on your soapbox and say "Wow! Windows Live Messenger’s Expo tab rocks!"

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