Posted by Daniel

About half a year ago we announced a new Messenger activity which integrates Window Live Search in our favorite application. Ines and Joseph posted an article describing it in details: Search, IM and Share All At Once!

Today it’s my pleasure to announce that we released a refresh of the search activity. To start it just open a conversation window and select "Search" from the activities menu.

Like the previous version, the new version it’s still a single user activity. That means your buddy doesn’t know that you use it 😉 and you can surprise her/him with lightning-fast search results by using the "Add this link to the conversation" button. Or you can drag and drop the search result into the typing area if you prefer. 

The good news is that the new version it’s now available to a lot more markets than before.

Like we promised, we added image search but for now it’s only available to a few select markets. And as a bonus we also have news search.

If you have a comment/question/concern/discussion topic/rant/rave/other – please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.