posted by Chris

Ever get an invite for your Messenger contact list and you have no clue who the person is.  You don’t recognize the email  address, the display name is completely uninformative.  You need to make a decision on whether this person should be lucky enough to be on your contact list.   This is a sticky situation.  What if the person isn’t a person at all, but a spammer.  Even though you can always choose to block a person later, it is best to not have to deal with them in the first place.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 to the rescue.  With the newest Messenger beta, invites can contain a message from the inviter to let you know who wants to be on your contact list.  More information about who invites are coming from makes deciding whether to allow the invite a lot easier.  Our goal is to have the Messenger community remain a safe and friendly place to hang out online even with the growth our community experiences.  I think this feature is a step in that direction.


Here is how you send an invite with a message attached to it.  First, get Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta.  Second, add a contact as you normally would.  In addition to be able to enter the Instant Messaging Address, there is a new field to enter a personal invitation.  Third, just enter in your message and click add contact.  All done.:)  This will work for Yahoo contacts and contacts on clients 8.0 and later.  Only 8.1 Beta clients will be able to send them though.

Happy inviting.:)


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