Posted by Ali

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I know I ate a bit too much turkey and pecan pie, I am trying to get my list together of holiday gifts that I want to buy for my friends and family.   I live in Seattle and most of my friends and family are on the east coast, although I often talk to them on the phone, nothing is the same as seeing their face and their reactions to a joke or my new haircut.  Pink mohawk anyone?  😉  As such, I am buying all of my friends and family webcams.  Microsoft Hardware is now making webcams.  I like the LifeCam NX-6000 for laptops and the LifeCam VX-6000 for desktops.   Once your family and friends have a webcam have them open a conversation window with you and click on the "Start or Stop a Video Call button" which looks like this:

This will start a session between the two of you where you can both see and hear each other.  If this is the first time using a webcam you will need to go through "Audio and Video Setup".  Also if you are having issues with the Video Call, go to the tools menu and click on "Audio and Video Setup".


If you only want a session where you can see each other, but not talk to each other, then go to Actions -> Video from the main contact window or the conversation window and you will have 3 options. 

1) Start a Video Call.  This is the same as pressing the button above.  2) Show My Webcam.  This is when you broadcast your webcam image to your friends and family, but they do not broadcast their image back to you.  3) View a contact’s Webcam.  This is when your friend has a webcam and you want to see their webcam image. 

No matter what option you choose and invitations will be exchanged and your conversation window will look like this. 

How exciting to see your friends and family!!  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!