posted by Chris

Ever have the perfect emoticon for a situation, but then remember that you don’t have it on that computer?  Now you can have all of your emoticons on all of your PCs.  It is simple.  Both computers need to be using Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta.  Get it hereWARNING: THIS IS SOMEWHAT OF AN EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE.  IT COULD WORK/NOT WORK/BREAK YOUR MESSENGER INSTALL.  THERE IS NO GUARENTEE THAT THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU.  With that scariness being said, I expect it will work and please follow the directions carefully.

First you need to follow these steps to create a copy of all of your emoticons. 

  1. Exit Windows Live Messenger.
  2. Open a command prompt

    a. XP: Start – Run – CMD.exe

    b. Vista: Start-All Programs – Accessories – Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator

  3. In the command prompt window, type “md \MessengerContent” and press Enter.
  4. In the command prompt window, type “xcopy /s %userprofile%\Local Settings\Microsoft\Messenger\<Windows Live ID>\ObjectStore\*.* \MessengerContent” and press Enter.

For <Windows Live ID>, replace that with your Messenger email address.  For example,  After following these directions, there will be a new folder at C:\MessengerContent with all of your Messenger emoticons.  You can move this folder onto a USB thumb drive or use your method of choice for copying files from one computer to another.

 Now that you have the MessengerContent folder on the new computer or the USB thumb drive, it is time to have Messenger on that computer use this content.

    1. Exit Messenger.
    2. Open a command prompt using the same steps described in Step 2 above.
    3. In the command prompt window, change to the location where your Messenger content is stored.  (ex. USB thumb drive).
    4. In the command prompt window, type xcopy /s *.* %userprofile%\Local Settings\Microsoft\Messenger\<Windows Live ID>\ObjectStore” and press Enter.
    5. Restart Windows Live Messenger and sign in.

That is it.  It is a little tricky, but very doable.

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