Posted by Daniel

You gotta love baby pictures. I have a five months old son and I think he has more pictures now than I ever had in my whole life :). My parents are living in Romania and they love pictures and videos with their new grandson.

I’ve tried different ways of sharing photos – publish on the private web sites, photo sharing sites, e-mail, … but nothing beats Messenger Shared Folders. After I create a shared folder I just drop a lot of pictures and voila, they end up on my relatives’ hard drives in no time (actually that depends on how fast is your internet connection). It works great in my case since there is a 10 hours time difference – I usually drop pictures when it’s night in Romania and at breakfast they get a new batch of pictures of their favorite baby.

I also have a lot of video and audio conversations with my relatives and sometimes I get asked to provide details about some of the pictures. At that point I fire up the MSN Photo Swap activity and I walk through those pictures explaining what happened. The nice part is that we both see the same picture and either one of us can control which picture is selected.

Since MSN Photo Swap is pretty awesome (in my opinion) and I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick tutorial on how to use it.

1. Start a conversation with your buddy, go to the Activities menu and select MSN Photo Swap. This activity is not available in all markets, if you don’t see it in your menu, try to find a friend who has it and ask him to start the activity.

2. Now your buddy will have to accept the invitation. 

3. After the buddy accepts, the MSN Photo Activity starts loading. The first time you use it you’ll get a prompt to install some components.

4. Add photos and enjoy. You can grant the control to your buddy to add pictures or change which picture is visible.

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