posted by Nicole

Welcome to the first time I have trackbacked (is that the right term?). Well regardless if you are in the Soapbox Beta check out this new integration with Messenger. You can laugh, cry or whatever with a friend while you watch a video together.


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Soapbox and Messenger Integration

Today we just launched a feature that we think is a great application. Instead of just IM’ing your contact a link to a video,
we now allow you to actually watch a video with friends, using Windows Live Messenger in real-time.
This is how it works:
If at any time you would like to watch a video with one of your Messenger contacts, just click on the "share" tab
under a Soapbox Video and select "IM this video."

If you are already signed into Messenger, this will prompt you to choose which contact you would like to watch the video with.
If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to do so.
Choose the contact, and once the person has accepted your invitation – boom the Messenger Activity
Window will launch, with the player in full view. You can now watch the video with your friends and chat about it,
all at the same time. We will be adding more functionality in the future, but think this is a great start in integrating Soapbox closely
with Messenger.